Tiger Woods claims his 14th Major, 2008


Tiger Woods claims his 14th Major, 2008

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What a way to celebrate your 500th week as the world’s No.1... with your 14th Major!

Alluding to a golf hole, this design depicts the sensational finale of this year’s US Open Golf Championship where Tiger Woods, in clear pain following a recent knee operation, overcame Rocco Mediate in a sudden death playoff at the 91st hole (both players had remained level following a full fifth play-off round on the Monday).

The graph is divided into 18 sections, each one of which represents one of Torrey Pines’ notorious holes. Each hole is then divided to represent the 5 rounds played (the only exception being the one play-off hole - the 7th - that was played for a sixth time). As an example, you can see how both players matched each other on the 17th hole in each of the five rounds.

Woods is represented in gold whilst Mediate is in silver. 

Dimensions: 85CM x 60CM
Paper: Printed on Arjowiggins Curious Skin
Specification: 3 colour screen print. Gold, Silver and Gloss Varnish
Quantity available: 31

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