Paula Radcliffe London Marathon 2005


Paula Radcliffe London Marathon 2005

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This was the race in which Paula Radcliffe, already winner of the London Marathon in 2002 & ’03, defeated both the rest of the field and her stomach cramps and in so doing, came home in the third fastest time ever for a new woman-only marathon record. Only Radcliffe’s two world records set with male pacemakers (Chicago 2002 and London 2003) are faster.

This fabulous work takes an overview of the Marathon’s actual route and plots Radcliffe’s progression through London.

Starting with the crosshair, each kilometre is shown as a concentric circle in gold. The silver markings represent the increase and decrease in Paula’s speed whilst the gloss layer showcases the official 5-mile split times. The course elevation and each of Paula’s 26 split times are featured at the bottom of the work. 

Dimensions: 85CM x 60CM
Paper: Printed on Arjowiggins Curious Skin
Specification: 3 colour screen print. Gold, Silver and Gloss Varnish
Quantity available: 15

Note: price quoted for unframed print only. Postage and packing included. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.

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